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Faithdesired Photography is the small business name of the photographer, Shantel Mitchell. Baltimore Wedding Photographer, Shantel Mitchell specializes in wedding photography and is capable of capturing excellent images, whether it be of a live music or memories at your wedding.

Having been a teacher for 8 years and with children of her own, Shantel Mitchell has excellent personal skills which allow her to work well with the subjects that she is photographing. She is committed to excellence and works very hard to ensure that you will be pleased with your photographs from your wedding.

Baltimore Wedding Photographer, Shantel Mitchell has a degree in photography as well as a degree in Elementary Education. She has a strong knowledge of photography and how light effects photographs and uses it to produce high quality images.

For two years, Shantel Mitchell has been covering musical events for NPR. Shantel Mitchell has been very successful with concert photography.

Baltimore Wedding Photographer, Shantel Mitchell is very passionate about photography and receives great pleasure in the joy that her photographs bring her clients.
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